Oslo: Immigrant youth should learn from police campaign

Mahboob Rahman, Pakistani imam in Oslo, thinks young Norwegian immigrants should learn from the police campaign against the B Gang in Oslo.

Rahman told Nettavisen that he believes the future for many young immigrants would be better after the police raid.

"The Muslim immigrants are against organized crime and everything that breaks the law.  We regret that people also with Muslim background are involved in what we now saw in Brazil," says Rahman, who is an imam at the Islamic Cultural Center.

Nearly 30 people were arrested in the biggest raid in Norwegian history against organized crime and money laundering.  Most were connected to the B-gang in Oslo.  Many were arrested in Natal in Brazil where the money laundering was going on.

Rahman hope young Norwegian, and among them those with immigrant backgrounds, will now learn from what happened with the B-gang.

"Immigrant youth should focus on education and work, so they can earn money in a legal way.  Here in Norway we have it good," he says, and nobody needs to go into crime.

The imams hopes Norwegian politicians will now start closer dialog with Muslim religious leaders - to prevent young Muslims from landing in trouble.

Eirik Jensen led the gang project at Oslo police.

"These are people who have had much gold and glitter, drive big cars and go first in line at restaurants".

He thinks through this lifestyle criminal youth recruit among immigrant youth to criminal society.

Source: Nettavisen (Norwegian)

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