Netherlands: Bouyeri gets "preaching time"

While the justice department is doing everything they can to silence Mohammed Bouyeri (29), the court in Amsterdam gave him the time yesterday to air his radical ideas.  Bouyeri, as witness in the appeal process, got to preach to his friend for two hours about "true Islam".

The Ministery of Justice put Bouyeri two and a half years in seclusion to prevent him from propagating his ideas, but yesterday the court wanted to hear from Bouyeri on what he based his fundamentalist Koran interpretation.

The judges undoubtedly hoped also to get a picture of the men who will be appealing in the coming months after being sentenced for membership in the terrorist organization the Hofstad Group, such as Nouredine el Fahtni and Ismael Akhnikh.

These young people looked on amused yesterday at how their friend Bouyeri took the microphone and declared that every Muslim is obligated to use violence.  "You must sacrifice yourself to Allah and pick up the sword.  That I also did," he said in the heavily guarded Bunker.

Bouyeri refused to take the oath.  When that caused a judicial discussion, Bouyeri intervened after a quarter of an hour.  "I'm concluding this.  I swear it.  Than we can continue."  Tomorrow he must appear again to answer questions about the Hofstad Group plans.

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