Norway: Police want to recruit in mosques

Norwegian police recommends visiting mosques n the search for new policemen.

1,888 people applied to the Police University College this year, 77 less than 2006.  Just 95 come from a minority background.  This numbers distress the National Police Directorate ( Politidirektoratet).

Egil Svartbekk of the Norwegian police says immigrants are heavily under represented in the police today and that it is in the interest of the police to get more such recruits.  At the same time, politicians want the police to reflect society.

He thinks mosques are a natural place to recruit new police agents.  If the police wants to recruit people from the immigrant communities, they they must seek them out at the places where they gather.

Imam Senaid Kobilica head of the Islamic Council is happy with the initiative and encourages the police to make contact with mosque administrators, so they could pass on the information to people as well.

The Norwegian Police University College requires applicants to hold Norwegian citizenship, have a spotless record and have passable Norwegian score.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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