Netherlands: No problem with Mecca compass

Dutch Minister of the Interior Guusje ter Horst says there is no problem with police cells equipped with points and compasses that show the way to Mecca.

Muslim detainees "have a right to practice their religion," Ter Horst thinks.
The minister wrote that on Friday in response to a question posed in Parliament by PVV PM Hero Brinkman.  According to Ter Horst everybody has a right to practice their religion, including criminals who have been arrested.

The police corps of Haaglanden and Amsterdam-Amsterlland have partially equipped their cells with points and compasses so that Muslim suspects can practice their religion during their stay in the cell.  The corps of Rotterdam and Utrecht are considering such measures.

Brinkman thinks it is unacceptable.  He says Ter Horst's answers are "a bit silly".  Ter Horst also didn't answer the question regarding the costs involved.

Brinkman says other detainees are extremely annoyed.  "It seems like everything currently must serve the Muslim faith and that is is not a good thing," he says.  He says he will continue to work against it.

Source: Elsevier (Dutch)

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