Brussels: Muslim high school to be set up

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A Muslim high school is about to be founded in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels.  The reasoning behind it is to sidestep the ban on wearing hijab which is in effect in most Brussels schools.  According to a website dedicated a "women only" party which took place May 17 in Molenbeek, the school would be on Vanderstraetenstraat where the Al Khalil Mosque is.  The institution would offer regular subjects, but also teach Islam and Arabic.

The initiators want to offer an answer to the banning of wearing the veil in scores of Brussels schools.  Enrollment costs 500 euro and a money collection has been started.  The organizers are counting on getting 200 to 250 student which would make it possible to get subsidies.

The initiative had already caused reactions.  The party leader of the Reformist Movement in the French speaking Community parliament pointed out that if the school will receive subsidies they would have to follow the regulations of the French speaking community. 

Source: HLN (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

THis is a scandal!!!

Anonymous said...

Will anyone hire a pupil with that in his curriculum? That's the answer in the long term.