Aarhus: Study cafes send birthday cake home

Thinking creatively, when the successful Aarhus study-cafes celebrated their ten year anniversary, they ensured that Muslim children will get their piece of cake despite the fast.

When the study-cafes in Aarhus celebrated their birthday together with cake and soft drinks, they paid attention to the children who couldn't enjoy the sweets due to the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.  In steady they got a lunchbox, so the cake can be enjoyed at home in the evening.

The Aarhus municipality started off the study-cafe at the Gellerup library ten years ago.  Since then it has been extended to seven libraries.

"The study cafes are for everybody.  The birthday must also naturally be so.  I am therefore happy that a way was found so that everybody can celebrate the day," says the councillor for culture and citizen service Flemming Knudsen.

"Authorized" cake-boxes were purchased with the logo of the study-cafes.  The family can therefore take a piece of cake home and celebrate the anniversary at home in the evening.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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