Rotterdam: Police agent fired for spying

The Moroccan secret service arrested quite a few European Moroccans over the past couple of years for terrorism activities.  It would be surprising if the North African secret services were not trying to keep an eye on their radicalizing citizens in Europe. 


A Moroccan agent of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond police department was fired for having spied for the Moroccan secret service.  Brigadier Re L. regularly appeared on behalf of the the department since he was in charge of a successful program for finding a job for young Moroccans.

His project appeared in the news in February when Re L. gave out diplomas to the participants of the project together with princess Maxima.  The princess had officially linked her name to the job program.

The spying was reveals when the security service AIVD got a tip about the agent in the spring.  The suspicion was that he handed over police information to the secret service of Morocco.  The AIVD investigated the case and sent a notice to the police, which immediately started an internal investigation.  According to a police spokesperson this showed that there was 'serious neglect of duty', which was reason for the dismissal.

According to the public prosecution L will not be prosecuted since there is not enough evidence to pursue a successful criminal case.

The police did not say anything about the possible motive of the agent.

According to a colleague of L., who preferred to stay anonymous, nobody within the department had noticed anything about the suspected spying.  L. had been working by the Rijnmond police since 1991.  "This came to us like lighting from the blue."  The agent, who still works for the Rijnmond police says he's never dealt with anything similar.  "This is really unique, Re is a special case."

Source: AD (Dutch)

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