Odense: Against students fasting

The Children and Youths Committee of the Odense municipality decided this week in a closed session to pressure the schools to get principals and parents to step in to stop fasting students.

P4-Fyn reported Monday that Odense's deputy mayor Alex Ahrendtsen was very unhappy that students were allowed to fast during the Muslim festival of Ramadan.

Alderman for the Children and Youths Committee Jane Jegind thinks it's important to send a clear signal and says that the school director was asked to speak with the school principals in the areas where it's a problem so that they realize it's important that they tell the parents that this isn't conduct that can be supported by the politicians.

Jane Jegind doesn't want the students to create a policy on their own.

It's not only about school politics, she says, it's also about health and about there are children who are in their teens and who should be in a state to learn.  Regardless of how people look at it, children can't learn or grow if they don't eat.

School director Jørgen Schaldemose will inform the school principals of the decision in a Sep. 18th meeting.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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