Netherlands: Immigrants against hissing ban

If immigrant girls don't take hissing as a compliment, why should anybody else?


The Hague CDA party plan to ban hissing on the street, would mean according to many immigrants that whistling builders should also be fined.  And it should really be seen as a compliment.

"It's nothing insulting.  Hissing is simply a culturally-bound way way to attract the attention of a girl," says  Mazuras Asrafali, head of the Islamic Association to promote Integration (ISBI).  "And not only Moroccans do it, also Surinamese and Antilleans hiss on the street."

Many Dutch do see it as insulting and negative.  According to Asrafali that is simply an issue of getting to know the habit.  "If you don't know it it's maybe very strange.  Also for example teenage girls of immigrant origin haven't grown up with it and thus don't know anymore what it means," explains the ISBI head.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch), h/t NRP

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