France: School facing funding difficulties


The oldest secondary school for Muslims in France is struggling for funding and may soon be forced to close.

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Anonymous said...

This is the fate of everything 'Islamic' without Saudi funding and after the advent of the water vapor car. It's not a coincidence that only the true jihadist madrassas in EUrope and America survive. They're built and run by the Muslim Brotherhood and funded by the Saudis. Unless Muslims can get their stuff together and manage to be upwardly mobile, they will never be able to fund anything 'Islamic,' nor will Muslims ever be able to afford private schooling. And if they go to Islamic schools they will never be upwardly mobile because even if they do get into college and grad school, people like me will have the DoE investigate the educational backgrounds of the Muslims in their departments and the necessary corruptness on the part of the admissions committes for admitting them. You can't admit people to college who think the Earth is flat and women produce sperm. You can't accept anyone with a Muslim-world PhD to a private free world kindergarten, let alone a university.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice how that haggish old teacher said that the classes were co-ed, but then when it showed the classes they weren't? So more than likely, everything else was a lie too, obviously, including the claim of adherence to legitimate French curriculum, the test scores of the students, and likely where the funding they had went. And of course, in patently Islamic fashion, they play the 'persecuted victim' card over their disgusting Dark-Age Nazi slave rags because the French recognize that intolerable evil for what it is, and then they ask for a handout without even trying to feing not feeling entitled to it. I especially like the mustachio-ed teacher with the Howard Dean eyebrows that went halfway down her cheeks. It's like it's always that or a unibrow with Muslim women. But of course that must be a Zionist conspiracy and not the result of millenia of inbreeding.