Sweden: Muslim asylum seekers to get their own pots

Pork roast was too much for the Muslim man.  He threatened the woman who prepared the food in the common kitchen in the asylum apartment.  The migration board's solution to this type of culture clash was to give the Muslims their own pots.
Muslims will now receive their own pots to make their food.  In this way the migration board hopes to avoid this type of conflicts which occurred last Wednesday.

They live cramped.  Six asylum seekers are forced to share a three room apartment, two sleeping in each room and the only common room is the kitchen.  Here everybody shares food making and it's not uncommon that the residents lack a common language.

Last Wednesday an asylum seeker was arrested after he threatened a woman with a knife when she roasted pork in the kitchen.

He felt provoked when she cooked pork in the common kitchen during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.  The man, however, calmed down after his arrest and was released the same evening.

But the problem persists.  And it's not just in this apartment that the migration board has gathered together people from different parts of the world with different languages and religions.  The asylum seeker who are sent to Karlskrona get a place there where there's an empty bed.

"We don't have a right to ask asylum seekers what's their religion or ethnic background.  The law doesn't allow us to ask such questions," says the unit head Gunnel Segerfeldt of the migration board in Karlskrona.

The migration board has not come out with any special information for asylum seekers who live in "mixed residences" to show extra attention or to attempt to respect their neighbor's cultural or religious traditions.
"The solution we can offer is to give the Muslims their own pots so they do not have to prepare their food in pots where somebody else in the apartment has prepared pork," says Gunnel Segerfeldt.

Source: BLT (Swedish)


Mark Tapson said...

I have a solution - deny asylum to any asylum seeker who thinks that cooking pork justifies threatening a woman with a knife, and deport him immediately.

VampireJack said...

It's more likely that they would rather deport the woman as we all know Muslim scum have more rights than anyone else at the moment.

At the moment.

Anonymous said...

So what is considered a felony in Sweden? He would be deported in America for attempted homicide.

DrJones said...

The solution is not to give them separate pots but to send them back to wherever it is that they came from so these muslims can have their meals and enjoy their oh-so-superior cultural traditions without feeling intimidated.
I can't believe the suspect of the attempted murder was released just because he "calmed down".
Admit in to your country these people - for whom integration is the last thing on their minds - and you will pay sooner or later. Mark my words.