Israel: European anti-Islam conference announced

At a press conference Israeli parliament member Aryeh Eldad announced today an international parliamentary conference titled "Facing Jihad", with the participation of European parliament members who also recognize that the spread of Islam is a serious threat to the Western world.

The conference, headed by Eldad, will take place December 14-15 in the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem. About 30 European parliament members will participate from Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and England, who oppose the Islamization of Europe and the immigration laws which allow the dissolution of the social bonds in the various European countries.

"The conference will be the first opportunity for a new coalition of law-makers to work in coordination and with cooperation in the confrontation and the struggle against turning Europe into Eurabia, and in defending the State of Israel as a Jewish, democratic and free state in the Middle East," says Eldad. "We must stop the spread of Islam. If Jerusalem surrenders - Europe will fall as well."

Writers, media people and famous Islam researchers would also participate in the conference, in addition to European parliament members. Dutch parliament member Geert Wilders will give a lecture on the second day and will screen his movie Fitna - about the true face of Islam.

"I am looking forward to screening Fitna at the summit meeting in Jerusalem," says Wilders. ", The Europeans are already dealing with the spread of Islam in their own backyard and it's time to speak about this threat with different European parliamentarians who understand the severity of the problem."

The summit meeting, sponsored by the Ariel Center for Strategic Studies, will focus on the need for urgent action to protect the basic rights of the residents of Europe: human rights, civil law, democracy, freedom of speech, equality before the law, and protecting the traditional identity and sovereignty of the Western countries

Source: INN (Hebrew)

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Joachim Martillo said...

I cover Zionist Jewish Islamophobic scare-mongering in the USA in my blog for Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel.

Not only are the activities of Aryeh Eldad and American Jewish Islamophobe Daniel Pipes so similar that they must be instances of a single phenomenon, but they even have the appearance of coordination, and an investigation of links between Pipes's Middle East Forum and the Ariel Center for Strategic Studies would make a lot of sense.

Unknown said...

I'm glad we (Britain) are sending parliamentarians. The threat of Islam is the one thing Europe has in common. Israel has had to deal with Islamist genocidal aggression for a lot longer than us, and has a lot of valuable lessons to teach us in our increasingly worsening problem.

Anonymous said...

This is a big step forward for Europe, especially Britain. The Judeophobic environment there really scares me, not to mention Europe's ridiculous tendency to ignore the jihad, be it stealth or violent, that takes place every day and the parallel society that the welfare state enables. Obviously this conference won't even touch upon most of the above issues but it's still a big step forward.

And we're about to retry the Holy Land Foundation case, after which the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its offshoots will be banned, many terrorists will be imprisoned, and the entire backbone of the American stealth jihad operation will crumble. That's what the Muslim comminuty gets for putting all their eggs in he sickest, most evil (not to mention grossly unrepresentative since they're Arab supremacists) basket they could find. Plus Sarah Palin just handed Obomba the Terrorist his ass.

And Israel is now finding new ways to hold the 'Palestinian' Authority accountable for the attrocities they commit.

What I want to know is, is 'anti-Islam conference' the general term being throw around or is that a media invention used for pejorative (Judeophobic) purposes? It's called 'Facing Jihad.' It will be a big step forward when the free world starts calling a spade a spade. It's not a War on Terror. Churchill knew it. John Quincy Adams knew it. Thomas Jefferson knew it. Bush knows it, but he would never dare say it.

Esther said...


'anti-Islam' conference is what I called it, based on what Eldad said.

Joachim Martillo said...

I posted Hagen Rether's response to Jewish Zionist Islamophobic incitement in From Anti-Semitism to Islamophobia.

Mark Tapson said...

"...Jewish Zionist Islamophobic incitement..."

You left out "racist," "scare-mongering" and "conspiracy." Maybe it would save you a lot of typing if you just made an acronym out of all this charged labelling.

" investigation of links between Pipes's Middle East Forum and the Ariel Center for Strategic Studies would make a lot of sense."

Well, it would make a lot of sense to conspiracy theorists who fantasize that these "American-Jewish-Zionist-scaremongering-racist-Islamophobic(did-I-mention-Zionist-and-Islamophobic?)" organizations are engaged in some kind of criminal, Satanic plot. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise or concern me if they do share at least philosophic links; maybe they even e-mail each other from time to time. Horrors!

Meanwhile, reasonable, clear-thinking people are more concerned about investigating and putting a stop to the Islamists who openly vow to kill us and subvert Western civilization.

Anonymous said...

Big shaker, anyone who would call Daniel Pipes - who has made an entire career our of dhimmitude and who will no doubt sing quite a different, more up-front tune once he retires from academia - an Islamophobe, or who would even dare use the word 'Islamophobe' is a madrassa-educated retard without a legitimate 1st-grade education. His days of demopathically envoking humanistic civil rights ideals in order to further jihad, and of the word 'Zionist' carrying any sort of negative connotation whatsoever among people who walk upright with their heads out of their asses and their knuckles off the ground are long since over and done with.

Plus, how on earth is someone with a Spanish name an Ethnic Askenazim? 'Ashkenazim' means 'German Jew.' Most Sephardic Jews even have Germanic names as a result of migration, myself included. He's a troll. There's a term for Jews who don't support Israel: 'Muslim trolls unconvincingly posing as Jews.'

Joachim Martillo said...

Just for the record, I am a Harvard-trained expert in Jewish studies with specialization in E. European and Ashkenazi studies, but I also have a thorough grounding in the Greco-Roman period because my prep school had a very thorough classics program, in which I learned Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. I learned Aramaic and Syriac on my own. It is too complicated to describe in detail, but immigrants to the Americas often ended up with names different from those they had in Europe. I myself am related to former Mafdal leader Zevulun Hammer. Relatives of mine were prominent in the 2nd and 3rd Aliyah.

When I point out that Zionism is a murderous voelkisch racist ideology of invasion, theft, genocide, and ethnic cleansing, I know of what I am speaking and can discuss the issue at any level of detail.

I used to be quite pro-Zionist until I studied in detail the harm that Zionism has done to the USA and to the ME. Because of the clear and present danger that Zionism has proven to represent, I have created an educational organization for Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel. Everyone is welcome to join although the organization focuses on created an Ethnic Ashkenazi opposition to the State of Israel and Zionism.

Since 2002 I have been analyzing the Israel Lobby and the deleterious effect it has on American society.

I have produced a working draft entitled The Israel Lobby and American Society. Part I describes how the Israel Lobby asserts a web of control over the USA while Part II explains the history of the Israel Lobby, which I consider a misnomer.

Since the late 19th century, a Zionist imperial system has developed. The Israel Lobby is merely the public face of the Zionist virtual colonial motherland, which I prefer to call Judonia. It has an effective GDP of about $2 trillion which makes its economic size larger than that of the UK.

It represents a threat to the entire human race and not just to Palestinians.

Is it any wonder that Zionists are trying to distract us with bogus meanaces like Islamo-Fascism or Steath Jihadists?

Mark Tapson said...

"I am a Harvard-trained expert" etc., etc., etc. I would congratulate you, Mr. Martillo, but you seem to have taken care of that yourself. However, no amount of education guarantees that one still won't be completely self-deluded.

"...bogus meanaces (sic) like Islamo-Fascism or Steath (sic) Jihadists?" I frankly don't have time to demolish this astonishing delusion - my Jewish Zionist masters are calling me.

Joachim Martillo said...

As usual, the Zionist, who has no response, makes an ad hominem attack.

I am a very good researcher, and in Judonia I worked through in detail how the virtual Zionist motherland developed and how the Zionist imperial system aggrandizes itself.

Yet, it is worthwhile to give an example of the real history that lies underneath the Zionist distortions.

See Petroleum: Driving Force in Zionism.

For the sake of status, power, and wealth, the Zionist intelligentsia in alliance with Jewish political-economic oligarchs has been manipulating Western states into manipulating, attacking, colonizing, incinerating and brutalizing ME states for approximately 90 years.

As more and more of the political elite have begun to realize the magnitude of Zionist deception, the Zionist intelligentsia has manufactured deceptions like the Islamo-faschist menace, which because of careful educational indoctrination di proste yidn spread fanatically "for the sake of the Jewish people."

Islamic totalitarianism does not exist. The real problem consists of Jewish racism, extremism, and fanaticism in combination with higher incomes and too much free time to do lots of damage to the politics and economics of the West.

Mark Tapson said...

"As usual, the Zionist, who has no response, makes an ad hominem attack."

Whether you're referring to me or not, I would argue that no one on this site makes more ad hominem attacks than you, with your labeling of people here as "Zionists" and "Islamophobes" and "useful idiots" and the like. Nor have I noticed that you bother responding to people's arguments other than to dismiss them as such.

And if you do respond to this, please don't bother reminding us yet again of your educational background.

Anonymous said...

Islam is one of the redeeming features of Europe. The rest is simply overpriced real estate. Those who want to use Europe to bash Islam are the enemies of Europe, just as they are also the enemies of the free United States. A free person is free to choose a religion and to choose how or whether to be religious. These anti-Islam personalities are just the new version of skinheads. It is impossible to have any conversation of any value with them. They are afraid of the truth because they are afraid of God. They are afraid of God because they know they deserve to be in hell for that they live in hatred. Europe should look after its own soul and don't worry about silly things like headscarves and beef franks. A clean soul is more important than whether you go to church or mosque. The quickest way to find out if someone has a clean soul or not is to see if they spend a lot of time bashing others, looking down on people, or trying to stop them from practicing their faith freely.

Mark Tapson said...

"Islam is one of the redeeming features of Europe. The rest is simply overpriced real estate." - mariahussein

This is a pretty sweeping condemnation. I thought you were disgusted by those who "look down on people." Do you live in Europe? Because if you do and find it so contemptible, then why don't you move to an Islamic country?

By the way, in the West, unlike in Muslim countries, everyone IS "free to choose a religion and to choose how or whether to be religious." The problem is, that's not enough for many Muslims.