Netherlands: Jihad news 3

The orthodox As Soennah mosque in The Hague, the home base of the controversial imam Jneid Fawaz, has lost sight of a group of about 20 radical Muslim youth.

Hague council member Abdoe Khoulani of the Islam Democrats had raised the alarm about it to mayor Jozias van Aartsen.  The mosque administration is also concerned.  According to Khoulani the mosque administration had meanwhile informed the AIVD.

Khoulani says he's concerned since the youth have extreme ideas about Jihad and the recruitment of people for this war.  Khoulani thinks that in it necessary to be alert in order to prevent another Hofstad group.  "I am very concerned about what is going on here now."
Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Mark Tapson said...

What they should be concerned about is where these youth are getting their radical ideas and who is recruiting them. This must be stopped at the source.

Anonymous said...

That would mean shutting down 99.9% of the mosques in North America, North Africa, and Europe, since they're owned by the Muslim Brotherhood and funded by the Saudis. Because of this 99.9% of the Muslims in these countries are indoctrinated in exactly the same brand of Islam, namely Salafism. Where they go matters little because the Islam and the Muslims are the same wherever they go or end up.