Denmark: Gang demonstrations

125 people from various immigrant gangs walked about the city of Aarhus Friday night as a clear countermeasure to the walk by 100 members of Hell's Angels in 'full uniform' Thursday.

The gang members called out 'this is our town', as well as cursing the police.  Four people were arrested for disorderly conduct.  Four people had also been arrested from Hell's Angels Thursday evening.

Police are keeping on eye on both the rockers and the immigrant criminal gangs but do not expect a showdown between the two, though there are always tensions in the criminal circles where drug trade also plays a role.

video and pictures available from TV2


Between 50 to 100 youth of immigrant background came out in Inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen and caused damage to cars and shops Sunday night, according to police.

At about 9:15pm police received reports that a large number of youth was gathering together and police could establish that the streetlights in the area had been broken with chains.

50-100 youth suddenly walked down Jægergårdsgade, busting both cars and windows.  According to the police the events unfolded very quickly and their forces could not prevent it, saying it was almost like a rave.

The street is known for its rocker hash trade and police see the damage as a demonstration in the ongoing conflict between immigrant groups and rockers.

Nobody was arrested and police report the area is quiet and forces will be out all night.

Sources: DR, TV2 (Danish)

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ahh, the wonder of diversity and multiculturalism.