Stockholm: Radical Muslims behind plans for Muslim clinic

One of the people who wants to start an ethnic/religiously oriented clinic in Stockholm is radical Muslim Mahmoud Aldebe. He had formerly asked that imams approve divorces and that boys and girls should not learn swimming together.

It was before the 2006 elections that Mahmoud Aldebe, chairperson of the Swedish Muslim Association, in a letter to all party leaders, called for specific legislation for Muslims. According to him Swedish family law needed to be adapted to Islam when it came to marriage, divorce and care of children.

"What I meant was that according to the UN declaration of human rights, minorities who don't get the same rights in society can require special legislation," says Mahmoud Aldebe, who is now in the administration of Favos, an association who wants to build an ethnic/religiously oriented clinic.

He has never before worked in health care, but believes that immigrants today get worse care due to bad interpreters and that women who want to be cared for by women don't always get it.

When Dagens Medicin in it's 34/08 issue, revealed the plan for an ethnic and religiously oriented clinic, Nalin Pekgul, head of the Social Democrats women's group, warned that it can have a restrictive attitude towards abortion and birth control. This is rejected by Mahmoud Aldebe.

"If a woman needs an abortion, it's the doctor who should decide about it, we will not interfere in it."

Aje Carlbom is a Phd in Social anthropology at Malmö University and specializes in ethnic segregation and political Islam. He's not surprised about Mahmoud Aldebe's plans.

"Aldebe acts like Islamists in other countries. Islam should be used to organize a society within a society, aiming to shelter Muslims from non-Muslims," says Aje Carlbom.

Favo's manager is Ousama Mardini. In 2004 it was revealed that the site of Hamas, regarded as a terrorist organization, used an IP address belonging to Ousama Mardinin. The website contained both serious antisemitism and tributes to suicide bombers.

"I had a company that rented out servers, and those who rented them didn't say that they were Hamas, but rather students from Dubai," says Ousama Mardini.

Q: Do you have any contacts with Hamas?

"No, I don't approve of them."

Birgitta Rydberg, health care councilor in Stockholm, doesn't see a problem with Favo's plans.

"We have a very clear framework that makes it impossible to run a clinic according to religious convictions that conflict with the public services.

Source: Dagens Medicin (Swedish)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, this gives me something to ponder, since I've been noticing Muslim clinics sprouting over here -- just read about one opening near me in Florida, read about it on IslamOnline (dot net).

Joachim Martillo said...

I am not sure what the issue is. The USA has had Catholic and Jewish hospital and clinic systems for ages, and they have often reflected specific religious beliefs. Catholic hospitals have typically refused to perform abortions and place strictures on associated physicians with respect to the prescription of contraceptives.

Physicians at Jewish hospitals traditionally had the right to choose the life of the mother over that of the child during a difficult parturition. Catholic hospitals often did not offer such an option.

Muslim sponsored medical services are only an issue because a segment of the population is trying to demonize or to marginalize Muslim citizens.

Anonymous said...

It's good that Muslim doctors and healthcare workers can work somewhere besides hospitals that I would ever go to. Given what perverts the men are and the fact that the women often refuse to practice proper hygiene they have no place at real hospitals. Plus I could never go to a physician who vows to slay, fight, and kill me, let alone allow him to take my money. Plus there was a special on 20/20 about how the majority of medical mistakes in the US are the result of miscommunication, and every example they provided had an obviously Muslim doctor. It's not an immigrant problem either, because the problem doesn't seem to occur with any frequency with Mexican doctors. I've studied miscommunication between native Brits and Pakis in a job interview settig and the results were actually pretty horrifying. I can only imagine how many people die as a result of that in hospitals every year. Plus who wants a doctor who believes that women produce sperm and store it in our kidneys or who was educated in the 3rd world? I check my doctors' credentials and if they weren't educated in the US or the UK I move on down the list of providers.