Netherlands: Newspaper attacks Milli Gorus

The Party for Freedom (PVV) is demanding a ban on Turkish mosque organisation Milli Gorus. The opposition party was reacting to an extensive article in newspaper De Telegraaf, which has obtained access to an alarming report of the Dutch intelligence services.

De Telegraaf obtained a "secret analysis by a Regional Intelligence Service, which is also in the possession of the AIVD" secret service. "In the presentation, the links between Milli Gorus and extremists and financiers of terrorism were exposed. The spider in the web is (...) the German leader Ibrahim El-Zayat, who is said to be a representative of the ultra-orthodox Muslim Brotherhood and closely involved with the appointment of Dutch kingpins," writes the Netherlands' biggest newspaper.

De Telegraaf says the intelligence services link Milli Gorus with all kinds of radical groups, from Hamas to Al Qaida. Milli Gorus governs some hundred associations and foundations in the Netherlands, including dozens of mosques. It is also the driving force behind the much-discussed Wester Mosque project in Amsterdam, one of the biggest mosques in Europe, which received subsidies from Mayor Job Cohen.

De Telegraaf was earlier considered right-wing, but has been quite moderate in recent years. For example, it did not support the rise of Pim Fortuyn. However, in recent months, a sharper rightwing tone appears to have emerged and some sources say the direction has shifted since the death last year of its political chief editor Kees Lunshof. He liked to maintain good contacts with the mainstream parties.


The intelligence service analysis is remarkable, "as Milli Gorus has for years been praised in the Netherlands as a moderate movement," De Telegraaf comments. The organisation indicated in a reaction that it is "unconcerned" about the secret presentation. "Let them just come up with evidence," says Yusuf Altyuntas, chairman of the Milli Gorus Netherlands Federation.


Source: NIS News (English)

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John Sobieski said...

They are so confident. Why shouldn't they be? Afterall, the 'religious foundation' network is the perfect infiltration, manipulation and control system that is hands off to the government - mustn't offend a religion and all that rot.