Brussels: Ramadan rage attacks

Newspapers have reported two 'Ramadan rage' attacks in Brussels.  


Sept 5th:

17-year old Yassin was stabbed in his stomach by his older brother Hicham (22) for smokeing on Ramadan.  

On Friday afternoon Hicham found his brother smoking a cigarette in the family residence in the Anderlecht suburb of Brussels.  Hicham grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him.  Police were informed by a witness who hid by the neighbors.  Yassin was hospitalized but his life was not in danger.

Source: RTL info, h/t le blog laiciste


Sept 15th:

Serge, a Brussels homeless man, was attacked when drinking a beer.  He had come to Blaes street at about 7pm [before sunset] for an appointment at a clinic, but coming early he decided to take a drink.  

A Muslim living above the clinic came down and started shouting that he was not allowed to drink alcohol on Ramadan.  His son, Rachid (21), showed up and they pushed Serge out to the street.  According to a witness Rachid then took a bar embedded with nails and started hitting Serge.

The incident was described as "particularly serious" by the Brussels prosecution, who say that the father and son kicked the victim while he was on the ground.  When the police arrived, the two explained it was for self-defense.  Rachid (21) was arrested for assault and battery.

Serge lost two liters of blood and was hospitalized with a deep wound in his leg.

[As a side note, the 2006 Brussels riots started in this area (Wiki).]

Source: DHNet  h/t François Desouche.  See also the account at Brussels Journal.


Dag said...

That is "Islam in Europe."

Anonymous said...

On the upside, that homeless guy could buy a home with the settlement from the lawsuit he's gonna slap on those monsters. This is why I don't go anywhere without mace, a taser, and a rape whistle anymore. The first story isn't surprising, but battering a homeless guy for drinking a beer? What, no little girls or old ladies around?