Copenhagen: Two arrested for honor-related violence

A 20 year old woman of an immigrant family and her Danish boyfriend were threatened they'll be killed so as to give up their love.  The women's two older brothers have been arrested.

"Drop your Danish boyfriend or you'll be killed," were the threats from the two Muslim older brothers according to the police.  The woman's family is from the Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund.

The brothers allegedly found their little sister's love to the ethnic Danish boyfriend as such a big problem for the family's honor that they felt called upon to decide about her private life.

According to BT information, the two older brothers have for a while threatened their little sister to drop her boyfriend, but when they also threatened her boyfriend's life on the weekend events escalated and the two were arrested Friday by the Copenhagen West police.

Saturday the brothers were brought before a judge in Glostrup with a demand to continue their arrest.  The police asked to conduct a closed hearing in consideration of the case being under investigation and this was granted by the judge.

The arrest of the two brothers was extended by 13 days.

Source: Berlinske (Danish)

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