Paris: Three Jewish youth attacked

Three Jewish counselors from the Bnei Akiva youth movement were attacked not far from the organization's central branch in Paris on Saturday afternoon. The boys, aged between 17 and 18, had just finished the Sabbath minha prayer when they were attacked by a group of Muslims, the head of Bnei Akiva's French desk, Binyamin Tuati, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

According to a press statement released by World Bnei Akiva spokesman Tzvika Klein, the youths were initially approached by a group of three Muslims and African immigrants who began to hurl chestnuts in their direction. When one of the counselors complained, the assailants began yelling out anti-Semitic remarks. Between 10 to a dozen other attackers wearing knuckle dusters joined the original three and began beating up the Jewish group until police arrived at the scene.


Source: Jerusalem Post (English)


wendy mann said...

was this an anti jewish attack or an anti israel attack.

why claim anti semitism if the attack was in fact street thuggery, an opportunist attack between rival communities.

one should be careful to distinguish the nature of the crime and not to have it labeled as a faith based crime when it might not be.

the nature of the abuse does not necessarily indicate that it was faith based, just that the abuse is the most denigrating.

no one can condone any such attack or bigotry however since this is hearsay (as all newmeeia reports inevitably are with vested interests) one has to be careful in the manner one analyses or understands the fracas.

Dag said...

Wendy is the genius who writes this:

"Zionism is a political ideology that pursues both personal and political greed and power.

Zionists may be of any faith and of no faith.

What is common though is the perverting of religious texts to reach its goals."

I'm not a Gnostic genius. All I have to go on is life experience, intuition, and research, combined with what mental powers the average person is endowed with; and that tells me something about this fellow that I really don't want to know more about, all of the above telling me enough to know too much already.

wendy mann said...


i think it is instructive to understand what the modern day interprretation of zionism is, rather than the one you would hope it to be.

the debate then can be undrstood instead of being denied under a false flag of anti semitism, which in itself is a nice fuzzy word that hides the real complaint.

a more honest way of tackling issues to claim anti judaism or anti israel. its clean clear and there are no hidden attributes.

Esther said...

wendy mann,

re what Dag wrote:
You seem to be redefining Zionism. Zionism is a political movement aimed at establishing a national home for the Jewish people in their ancient homeland of Zion.

It is inextricably linked with the Jewish faith.

In this case, these Jews were visibly Jewish - wearing a Jewish youth group uniform and a religious skullcap - and were attacked for their Jewishness. What do you prefer to call it?

Dag said...

Wendy writes: "I think it is instructive to understand what the modern day interpretation of Zionism is, rather than the one you would hope it to be."

But I don't hope for anything at all. I apply the "average man" test to see if things are honest. "What would the average man on the street think of this?"

No revision, as it were, in my conclusion above.