Germany: Jihad news 2

Three Turkish teens from Cologne who unsuccessfully tried to overpower two police agent on Tuesday, wanted to start a 'holy war' against the Americans in Germany with the service weapons, according to Josef Rainer Wolf, of the Cologne pubic prosecution.
The youth, aged 15 to 17, were arrested and indicted for attempt to murder.  Berlin newspaper B.Z. wrote that they had hoped to find sub-machine guns in the police car, in order to commit an attack against the American barracks in Heidelberg.  "This shows the danger of Islamist propaganda gives us great concern," according to a prominent security advisor of the federal government.

According to Wolf the fact that the anti-terrorism police hadn't caught sight of the youth earlier shows that they had been incited to their act by Islamist hate propaganda on the Internet.  The you couldn't have gotten their extreme opinions from home. Their parents are western oriented Turks.

The youth had made a false emergency call Tuesday evening in order to ambush the police agents.  Masked, the youth threatened the agents with dummy grenades and opened fire with an alarm pistol.  According to Woolf the youth had planned to kill the agents with knives.  The agents, a 26 year old woman and her 38-year old male colleague, kept cool and fired warning shots in the air.  They were not injured.
Source: Parool (Dutch)

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