Germany: Honor violence on the roads

A 21-year old German-Turkish woman who caused a fatal accident between Emmerich and Kleve in which two Dutch motorcyclists were killed had been chased by her brother.

According to German newspaper Rheinische Post the young Turkish driver from Kleve wanted to break with her family.  Her brother started chasing her when she left home for Hamburg.  Both cars chased each other at speeds about 140 km/h over the provincial road between Emmerich and Kleve, where the speed limit is 70 km/h.  The chase came to dangerous overtaking maneuvers.

At the moment that the woman passed a car, her car was hit by that of her brother and she lost control of the wheel.  The two Dutch motorcyclists, from Humen and Wijchen (54 and 44 years old), who were going in the opposite direction, couldn't avoid the lurching  car.  They died on the spot.  A third Dutch motorcyclist was unhurt but came to the hospital in serious shock.

The 21 year old woman was injured and brought to the hospital with a permanent police watch.  According to Rheinische Post she had meanwhile left for an unknown destination.  Her brother was questioned by the police and then freed.

Source: Parool (Dutch)


joe six-pack said...

In her home country, no way would she have escaped. It is a shame that innocent others perished in the process. That is another problem when dealing with Islam.

John Rohan said...

The brother was freed??? He was trying to kill his sister, and did help kill two innocent people. Please tell me this is a joke.

joe six-pack said...

Loyalty to Islam goes above loyalty to anything else. Even your own family.

This was a fundamental issue that was decided by the U.S. Civil War.
Robert E. Lee resigned his commission when his state of Virgina left the Union. Loyalty is to the federal government, not the state.

Muslims have great difficulty with this.

wendy mann said...

"Loyalty to Islam goes above loyalty to anything else. Even your own family."

but that is true of judaism and christianity.

ones birthplace is not out of choice but as a result of where ones parents are at time of birth. and states are not fixed for eternity.

"In her home country, no way would she have escaped."

that is purely speculation.

"That is another problem when dealing with Islam."

so whether we kill innocents with our 21000 pound bombs is of little consequences because it is islams fault.

Unknown said...

["Loyalty to Islam goes above loyalty to anything else. Even your own family." but that is true of Judaism and Christianity.]

Pure bullshit. Christianity and Judaism are not political systems we Christians must obey. I'd give up my religion to save my family, and all Christians would do the same.

["In her home country, no way would she have escaped."that is purely speculation.]

More bullshit. Had she tried to escape she eventually would have been cought and faced stoning, or at the very least whip lashes for disobeying the male members of her family.

so whether we kill innocents with our 21000 pound bombs is of little consequences because it is islams fault.

Stop and think for a second. What would be the purpose of the U.S Army killing civilians? Grow a fucking brain. I'm in the Army and have many friends in the Army. We kill terrorists, not civilians. Grow a damn brain.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, you really need to read up on how rhetoric works. You have yet to present a single argument that is not completely logically false. Free-world armies, first of all, have JDAMs and MOABs which weigh more in the neighborhood of 250 lbs, but which cause the same damage as a Muslim-world 21,000-lb bombs because we have Jewish engineers who are awesome enough to design them that way so that we can carry dozens of them in our excellent aircraft, just like Israel just invented a freaking Batman suit and ended the era of the paratrooper. Secondly, our armies do not target civilians. Never have. Muslim armies intentionally kill their own civilians. Ahmedinejad is himself one of the 50,000 Children of the Gold Plastic Keys who Khomeini sent out into minefields to clear the way for the real soldiers. Saddam Hussein and Arafat were masters of the human shield. Hamas intentionally fills their trenches with 3 children for every soldier so that when Israel defends itself from their mortar attacks they 'kill' "Palestinian" children, who are in reality murdered ('martyred') by Hamas.

We have never just up and invaded a country for kicks. We have always had legitimate reasons for doing so, like Muslims are killing Jews in Israel or Christians in Lebanon, or bombing our embassies, or Saddam Hussein violated 21 UN resolutions for the 3rd time and didn't let us inspect his arsenals so we had to operate on the assumption that he had nukes. Furthermore, even if we did target civilians, which we don't, that is precisely what their leaders want. They apparently want us to rape, torture, and murder their civilians. That is how they believe that people are to be treated. If they didn't, they would have signed onto and implemented the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Conventions. So even if we were to intentionally murder and to rape and torture civilians, which we don't and never have, that would only be demonstrating extreme hospitality by Sharia standards and doing exactly what their leaders have explicitly requested that we do.

Oh, that's right. Muslims are by definition narcissists who don't believe in the Golden Rule and that INFIDELS are to be indiscriminately murdered and tortured and that WOMEN are to live their entire lives in sex slavery getting beaten and raped every day by their fathers, brothers, and husbands. My bad. But by not recognizing and upholding human rights they actually have invited us to murder, rape, and torture them. Thank your lucky stars that we don't, even though Iraqi civilians mutilate and burn the corpses of our soldiers in the streets of Fallujah amidst cheering crowds who forgot to thanks us for NOT dropping 3 dozen Daisy Cutters on their terrorist asses.

And, saying that it IS Islam's fault is the most generous interpretation. Otherwise they're just plain old inbred, baby-raping, Nazi terrorists who keep all their women in a state of sex slavery and degradation their entire lives and are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, are completely uneducable, are incapable of progress but more than skilled at the art of regression, and are therefore NOT victims of a horrible ideology. I blame the monsters, not the ideology, but I'm a reasonable, decent, thinking, moral, ethical, civilized, evolved, outbred person and I therefore believe that all people are completely responsible for their own actions, thoughts, and statements, which runs completely contrary to the inshallah, blame-everyone-and-everything-for-what-we-do, never-take-responsibility-for-our-own-actions, and lie-about-it-when-confornted-with-irrefutable-evidence, Islamic line of thinking/course of action.

joe six-pack said...

Islam is far more than just a religion, as we understand them.

Islam was designed as a nation-state long before they became established. Judaism and Christianity do not specify foreign policy nor many of the other functions of a valid nation-state in anyway that is similar to the way that Islam does. Maybe
Judaism and Christianity took on some of these functions at one time or another (Prior to the rise of the nation-state) but they are not part of the basic 'religion'. What state functions they undertook were dropped long ago as nation-states came into being and evolved.

Sorry, but you can't convince me that the killing of any family relative is commonplace ANYWHERE in the Christian-Judaen world. "Honor killings" are COMMON in the Islamic world. The cause of this is Islamic ideology.

Captain USpace said...

Death by Stonings are Needed! Honor Killings of Young Women are Honorable...
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of young girls who've been raped
but not by their husbands

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then have the crowd throw stones
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absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
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