Netherlands: Turk/Moroccan gamblers more addicted

Immigrant players of games of chance are more often addicted than players of Dutch origin, according to a study sent by the Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch to the parliament Wednesday.

Turkish and Moroccan players are, independent of the method, three to eleven times more addicted than Dutch gamblers. Antillean players are two to five times more addicted, Chinese and Surinamese are up to three times more addicted.

From the study 'Kansspelen in andere aarde' (games of chance elsewhere) of the Scientific Research and Documentation Center of the Ministry of Justice, it appears that 36% of Moroccans and Turkish players have betting debts. Among Surinamese and Turkish players 18% have debts and among Chinese and ethnic Dutch, 4% have debts.

Casino games are especially popular by Turkish and Antillean players, while Surinamese and Moroccan players often play games machines. Ethnic Dutch participate in more diverse games of chance than immigrants, according to the study.

544 regular betters took party in the study, 181 of which were immigrants. The study also looked at the reasons for the problems in playing games of chance. The top explanation for betting addiction among immigrants must not sought in cultural factors, say the researchers, but rather in characteristics such as sex, age, income and education.

Hirsch Ballin will together with the Ministry of Health and organizations caring for addiction, look at whether the regulations to fight addiction should be changed.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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