Belgium: How Islam corrupts the schools

Belgian French language magazine Le Vif/L'Express had come out with a five page spread in its August 29th issue about Islam in the Belgian school system.

The headline on the cover - "How Islam Threatens the School" - and the article's title - "How Islam Corrupts the School" - have already drawn criticisms.

Sadly, the article itself is not available freely online, though I understand it doesn't really bring any new data. Most schools in Brussels ban the veil, but there are other Muslim requirements from the school system - offering halal food or banning pork, enabling girls to drop gym and swimming classes and not to attend school outings, enabling students to fast at Ramadan, and giving students a place to pray at school.

The article claims that teachers and principles feel they can't handle the situation. Not only in the case of science and creationism, teachers feel they're being forced to adapt the curriculum in other subjects such as geography and history so as not to offend students.

Part of the criticism is that besides noting that 30% of schoolgirls in Brussels are Muslims, the article does not give factual data on how many such cases of demands there are from Muslim students and parents.

I received a response from Karim Chemlal, head of the League of Muslims in Belgium, who accuses the exposé of being shallow and not going into the real debate. He points to a study that says Islam is sometimes used as an excuse by students whose true motive is to provoke the system.


FreeSpeech said...

And the good news is: L'EXPRESS is leftist. A converted leftist weekly, so to say.

Joachim Martillo said...

It looks like a continuation of the Stop the Madrassa nonsense that Daniel Pipes organized in NY City. He argued that Principal Debbie Almontaser was trying to create a madrassa in a NY City public school.

I have a list of my blog entries discussing the case at Almontaser/KGIA.

There is a lot of coordination between Jewish Zionist Muslim-baiters in Europe and in the USA.

Daniel Pipes appears with Fleming Rose (Danish Cartoon Anti-Muslim Incitement) at US university forums.

Because these Jewish Zionists fear that Western Muslims might engage non-Muslims in a serious discussion of the racist anti-democratic anti-human rights and genocidal nature of Zionism and the State of Israel, Pipes and his ilk use any and every underhanded tactic to demonize and to marginalize Western Muslim populations.

In order to make the world safe for Israel, Jewish Zionists are trying to condition European non-Jews to hate Muslims (on the model of classic anti-Semitism) so that European non-Jews will do all the dirty work of disenfranchising Muslim citizens. In this way any honest discussion of the history of Jewish Zionist crimes, goals, and history is prevented.

In Saudia in the Gun Sights I summarize the Jewish Zionist strategy on the basis of a panel discussion that took place at Harvard and in which Daniel Pipes took part.

The participants in the panel are quite clear that Muslims must grovel before Zionist Jews in order to establish their credentials as moderates.

Why should Europeans warp their own societies in order to make the world safe for the State of Israel?

It makes no sense.

FreeSpeech said...

joachim martillo

I love your parody of a judeophobe.

Joachim Martillo said...

Jewish racists invariably respond with derision when -- as is usually the case -- they have no good argument for their point of view.

In contrast I am an expert in Jewish studies and have become concerned with current trends in Jewish politics and especially with the damage that Jewish extremism, fanaticism and racism is doing to the USA and to the world.

For this reason I started my website for Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel and have summarized the damage that the Zionist imperial system is doing internally to the USA in The Israel Lobby and American Society. I chronicle the rise of the Zionist virtual colonial motherland in the second part. I call this entity Judonia.

BTW, as much as Jews claim to support free speech, they never support free speech with regard to Israel, the history of the Holocaust, or the history of Jews in Eastern Europe and the Czarist Empire.

I will try to put an article on Jewish suppression of free speech on my blog because it is the correct counterpoint to Jewish Zionist demonization and defamation of Muslims.

Even bad Muslims generally believe in God. In contrast for most modern Jews, Judaism consists of ethnic narcissism, Holocaust fixation, and worship of the State of Israel.

Jews are at least as sensitive about their religion as Muslims are about Islam.

FreeSpeech said...

I am not a jew.
Try again.

Joachim Martillo said...

Then you are a Zionist fellow traveler or useful idiot.

Zionist Ashkenazim are just as good at conning non-Jews as Soviet or Communist Ashkenazim were in the past.

The real morons were proud of serving the "noble" cause that their Jewish masters had cooked up for them.

Mark Tapson said...

"Jewish racists invariably respond with derision when -- as is usually the case -- they have no good argument for their point of view."

Interesting you should say that, Mr. Martillo, because nearly every comment of yours is laced with name-calling like Islamophobe, racist, Muslim-baiter, Zionist, etc. And your immediate response to FreeSpeech's comment was to label him either a "Jewish racist" or "useful idiot." Classy

Also, your every comment addresses a supposed Zionist genocidal conspiracy and yet not a single comment acknowledges the problem of Islamists who openly call for and act upon the elimination of Israel and the Jews as well as the destruction of America and the West. As for demonizing Muslims, these Islamists are doing a plenty good job of that themselves, but you don't seem to fault them for making Islam look bad.

Re "making the world safe for the state of Israel," why shouldn't Israel be safe? Israel doesn't have a right to exist and to defend itself against Arab aggression? I think I know your answer to that.

Daphne said...

"Even bad Muslims generally believe in God."

Both good & bad muslims believe in the Islamic god.The trouble is that the islamic god is no different from Satan. Have you read the Koran? There is only one god and it is allah that overseees all the tortures in hell. What could be more plain. Allah is lord of Hell.

Anonymous said...

Bingo Daphne! Allah "the deceiver," "of darkness," "of affliction," "of pride," "of war" doesn't love his children. Allah wants hell on earth for everyone. Allah is a misogynist pedophile. Allah hates children generally, not to mention women, and infidels. I guess Allah hated everyone until the 7th century, huh?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find it in my bookmarks earlier, but here's a good rundown of how Allah is not God.

Also, watch Walid Shoebat Prophecy.

Here's the transcript of it. I love him.

And read 'Why I Left Jihad' by Walid Shoebat, 'Why I am Not a Muslim' by Ibn Warraq, 'Now They Call Me Infidel' by Nonie Darwish, and 'Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah" by Joel Richardson. The Hidden Imam of the Shiites is also pure Satan/Hitler. And read 'Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam Isn't' by Robert Spencer.

Joachim Martillo said...

Big Shaker provides the usual Jewish Zionist disinformatsia.

It only takes half a brain to realize that Islamists and other anti-Western resistance groups are simply reacting to the invasion of their countries by Zionist interlopers and Western imperialists.

As far as I can tell, there are no massive Muslim armies incinerating Western countries, but since the Bush administration manipulated by Neocons acting as a Jewish Zionist special interest went on a rampage, the USA and its partners have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and about 10 million people dislocated.

As for security of the state of Israel, only a sick twisted Jewish anti-gentile racist (or thoroughly brainwashed non-Jew), who believes Jews have the right to plunder and kill non-Jews with impunity, could possibly presume that Zionist invaders have a right to peace and security when they live in a stolen country, generally on stolen property and often in stolen homes.

Because the Zionist state is founded in genocide and carries out genocide right before our eyes, signatories like the USA and the UK to the International Convention on Genocide have an obligation to abolish the State of Israel and bring to trial both Israeli genocidaires and those outside the State of Israel that facilitate Zionist genocidalism.

Mark Tapson said...

Mr. Martillo presents the usual Islamist disinformatsia, that the blameless, demonized Islamists are only defending themselves against monstrously evil Western imperialism and aggression, etc.

It takes only half a brain to realize that this common argument put forward by sick, twisted Islamists and their thoroughly brainwashed apologists doesn't hold water.

It's more of the same from the Islamists - Muslims are never responsible for anything, the West (at the behest of their Jewish masters) is responsible for everything; Muslims are always the oppressed, never the oppressor, and so on.

I've suggested this before (and Mr. Martillo will no doubt dismiss it as an ad hominem attack or the result of brainwashing), but this notion of an evil, racist, Islamophobic, genocidal Jewish conspiracy, combined with the refusal to acknowledge the waging of worldwide jihad, is frankly willful, hateful delusion.

Mr. Martillo, your prolificity on this site is impressive. I honestly do not have any more time to keep up with your comments. I believe you have your delusion, you believe I have mine, and ne'er the twain shall meet.

Joachim Martillo said...

Well Big Shaker, why don't you answer the question?

Why do Zionists believe that the Zionist colonizer population should be able to live in peace and security in a country they stole, generally on stolen property and often in stolen homes?

Could it be that they believe that Jews have the right to plunder and to kill non-Jews with impunity?

Is not the assertion of such a right Zionism in its purest form just as the belief that Aryans have license to plunder and to kill non-Aryans with impunity lies at the core of German Nazism?

Mark Tapson said...

Mr. Martillo, I didn't answer a question because you never asked me one.

But since you asked me now, I will respond briefly by saying I disagree with every assumption in your questions - such as the "colonizer population," "stolen country," and Jews believing they "have the right to plunder and kill non-Jews with impunity." On the contrary, it is the Islamists who openly declare and act daily on THEIR belief that they have the right to plunder and kill non-Muslims with impunity.

As I wrote before, we have vastly different world views and neither of us will persuade the other, so we accomplish nothing by arguing except to waste time. I'm too busy to engage strangers on the internet in lengthy debate - indeed, I'm too busy even to be reading this site as regularly as I do, but I find it very informative. I shouldn't even have bothered to write this except I knew you would take my silence the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that girl on the front cover looks menacing. If you tried to ask her out she'd probably say no.

Unknown said...

Of course she'd say no to being asked out. If she said yes, her male family members would brutally murder her - in the Muhammedan way - to retain her 'honour'. Sure, she'd have a shitty life being married to her father/brother and forced to dress in a sack in accordance with the teachings of the Arabian Moon Fairy-centric primitive, medieval deathcult, Islam, but at least she'd be alive. If you can call that living.