Bulgaria: Imam shortage forces 200 mosques to close

Bulgaria's highest Muslim authority has announced the closure of 200 mosques due to a lack of religious leaders or imams to lead prayers.

"Although the number of faithful has grown, we are forced to close the mosques due to a lack of religious leaders," said Bulgaria's Grand Mufti, Mustafa Haji.

"Many years of Communist rule and a lack of funds are the reasons for this crisis," he said.

Bulgaria has 1,500 mosques, but only 900 are currently open to the faithful and 200 of those are likely to be shut down indefinitely.

Bulgaria has 8.7 million inhabitants, of whom 12 percent are Muslim. The country joined the European Union in January last year.

Most Muslims in the country are Bulgarians of Turkish origin that have been living in the area since the time of Ottoman rule from the late 14th until the late 19th century.

Source: AKI (English)


joe six-pack said...

I see this as good news. A real shame that this is not occurring in many other places througout the world as well. Islam is the fastest growing 'religion', so this must be an exception.

FreeSpeech said...

Riad will help. just wait and see.