Israel: MP to announce coalition of European parliamentarians against Islam

The Israeli parliament member Aryeh Eldad intends to hold a press conference tomorrow titled "first summit meeting of its type in Jerusalem to establish a shield coalition of parliamentarians from Europe."

During the press conference Aryeh Eldad will announce the establishment of a new coalition of parliament members from Europe who share the recognition that the spread of Islam is a serious threat to Western civilization. Plans will be represented during the press conference for a summit meeting of parliamentarians which will take place in Jerusalem at the end of 2008.

Part of the movie Fitna by the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders will also be shown. The movie, about the true face of Islam, presents the Koran as preaching for murder and terror. "We must stop the Jihad. If Jerusalem surrenders - Europe will be next," says Eldad.

The movie was banned in the Netherlands since it strongly criticizes Islam, and there is concern that it would cause a flare-up and clashes with the Arabs.

Source: INN (Hebrew)


Mark Tapson said...

How fascinating. I'd love to know more about this.

FreeSpeech said...

Fitna banned in NL? That's new to me.

Apart from that, good move. Let's see how the anti-semites criticize the initiative.

Mark Tapson said...

"Let's see how the anti-semites criticize the initiative." - Freespeech

Oh yes, it will definitely be denounced as a Zionist conspiracy.

Esther said...


Fitna was not shown on Dutch TV, and was only broadcast through via the internet.

Esther said...

Big Shaker,

I suppose we'll know more after his press conference tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see a coalition of non-Jewicidal Israelis actually doing something useful. I love Netanyahu, but doing speaking tours of communist colleges doesn't help his cause. I think this is a great idea. I hope they talk about the real history of Israel and debunk all the 'Palestinians'' myths. They only have about 5 that they repeat over and over anyway.

Esther said...


The coalition is supposed to be of Europeans, not of Israelis.

Joachim Martillo said...

I can predict that Zionist Jews will predominate among the Europeans.

In American Action, European Reflection I discuss an attempt by an American pundit to analyze the differences between Americans and Europeans by comparing a French Zionist Jewish Neocon "intellectual" (Bernard-Henri Levy), a German Zionist Jewish Neocon "intellectual" (Josef Joffe), and an American Zionist Jewish Neocon "intellectual" (William Kristol).

It seems like a joke, doesn't it?

Esther said...

Joachim Martillo,

I can predict that Zionist Jews will predominate among the Europeans.

I would be extremely surprised, as I don't know of any conservative or nationalist Jewish parliament members in Europe.

Joachim Martillo said...

If I am not mistaken the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians usually manages to get together 80 members for its meetings in Jerusalem. I believe about 1/3 belong to the conservative/nationalist side of the political spectrum, but it is worthwhile to keep in mind that Muslim-baiting is hardly confined to the political right-wing or nationalist part of the political spectrum

Esther said...

Joachim Martillo,

In Europe?! I admit that sometimes politics is way beyond me, but I've never heard of Jewish politicians in Europe in connection to Islam, or in connection to the discussion of the 'native culture'.

Joachim Martillo said...

I found the following description of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians on a World Jewish Congress Web Page:

Leading legislators from over 20 countries are expected to attend, from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom and Uruguay. Among the individual participants will be US Senator Lautenberg and six Representatives; Lord Janner and Lady Miller of the British House of Lords; MR Zoran Shami, President of the Assembly of Tunisia; MP Avda Bramov of Azerbaijan; and 60 others.

The ICJP was founded in 2002 in order to engage Jewish lawmakers from around the world in an ongoing involvement with the Jewish nation in Israel and the Diaspora by making the Jewish legislative voice heard globally on matters of human rights, anti-Semitism, restitution of Holocaust era assets, relations with the developing world, inter-faith dialogue and ethical issues of international concern.

The US legislators associated with the ICJP include some of the most racist Islamophobes in the US government.

Zionist Jewish Islamophobes usually argue the incompatibility of Islam with Western, American or European culture even though Islam as an evolved form of Jamesian Christianity is far closer to Western Christianity than Judaism is.

European non-Jewish nativists seem to appreciate the incompatibility argument.

Esther said...

Joachim Martillo,

I do not doubt that there are Jewish European parliament members, just as there are Muslim European parliament members. I don't think either can be found in most conservative parties.

You seem to be drawing conclusions about Europe from the situation in the US but Europe is not the US.

Can you give me a concrete example of a Jewish parliament member in Europe who belongs to a conservative party?

Joachim Martillo said...

For some reason, Esther, I thought you were in the UK. Michael Howard, recently retired, is probably the highest ranking example of a Conservative Jewish parliamentarian.

Active conservative Jewish parliamentarians in France include Roger Karoutchi. Bernard Kouchner, who is nowadays a conservative French politician, is sometimes considered Jewish. Nicole Guedj is one of the more obnoxious center-right French Jewish politicians and is generally believed to put her perception of Jewish or Israeli interests before those of France.

Alexander Feldman in the Ukraine belongs to the Nationalist Party. Sorting out left and right in the former Soviet block is not always easy.

In any case, I believe that if I do the exercise again, I will find that about 1/3 of European Jewish politicians belong to the right or nationalist side of the political spectrum.

Esther said...

Joachim Martillo,

Feldman seems to be the only one on the list who really belongs to a nationalist party.

As for your French examples - one started off as a Communist and was until very recently in the Socialist Party, another is active in anti-discrimination activities.

As I said, I'm not much into politics. I would be surprised if 20% of the politicians who show up are Jewish, but I suppose we'll just have to wait till December and see.

Joachim Martillo said...

It would take time to go through all the parliaments and national assemblies, and it is not so simple as finding Jews as members of parties, whose names include the word nationalist. The political record of each part must be analyzed. In the Ukraine, the big political division is not progressive versus conservative but pro-West versus pro-Western.

Anyway, here is another right-wing Jwqiah member of a European government: Fiamma Nirenstein.

We can probably safely assume that she will show up for the anti-Islam conference.

I am sure I will find more examples of such people if I go through Eastern European governments in more detail.

BTW, Guedj is generally right-wing according to her record.

Daphne said...

Every muslim member of a parliament is extremely right wing. Every person who believes there is only one god and his laws have to be obeyed on earth can only be a right wing fascist.
At least christianity recognises the separation of the state from religion. Something Islam does not do. As long as there is no separation of religion from the state there is grave danger of fascism. You only have to look at christian history to realise that. And look at muslim countries. The vast majority of which are extreme right wing.

Joachim Martillo said...

"In the Ukraine, the big political division is not progressive versus conservative but pro-West versus pro-Western."

That should have been:

"In the Ukraine, the big political division is not progressive versus conservative but pro-West versus pro-Russia."

BTW, it is a political division that goes back at least to the 18the 18th century.