France: Lawyers to sue Mohammed cartoonist

A group of French lawyers are currently studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in support of the "Messenger of Allah Unites Us" campaign.

Osama Bitar, a lawyer with the campaign, said on Saturday that French lawyers have expressed their support for the campaign and its lawsuit against Westergaard, who drew inflammatory caricatures seen as insulting to the Prophet Mohammad.

"The lawyers are studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the cartoonist in accordance with French and international law such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights," Bitar, who returned from a weeklong visit to Paris on Friday, told The Jordan Times.

The French lawyers in question said they are also considering contacting colleagues in other European countries to support the campaign and file separate lawsuits against Westergaard, according to Bitar.

"The idea of European lawyers joining us in the campaign and supporting our efforts is tremendous. We are defending Islam in a civilised way and are trying to hold those responsible for the caricatures accountable according to the law," Bitar stressed.


Source: Jordan Times (English) h/t Le Blog Laiciste


Mark Tapson said...

"We are defending Islam in a civilised way..."

This has nothing to do with being civilized. This has everything to do with "lawfare," the common Islamist tactic now in the West of using legal intimidation to turn our own laws against us, or to force changes in our laws, to roll back the limits of free speech. This is a vital part of their strategy of cultural jihad.

Why aren't these lawyers instead suing the Muslims who rioted and murdered over the cartoons, or who issued death threats against Mr. Westergaard? Oh right, because Muslims are never accountable for their actions.

Anonymous said...

And with the new European agreement about trials in absentia, they can just give it a try in every EU country. If they are lucky enough to win a court case in one EU member state, the Danish government will have to extradite Mr. Westergaard...

FreeSpeech said...

"We are defending Islam"

That says it all.

Anonymous said...

How long is France going to play it both ways? They have troops in Afghanistan, and yet, despite their supposed regard for democracy and freedom of speech they support jihad in their own country by allowing this to take place. Denmark needs to pass Rachel's Law already so that they can't do this.

I'm also not entirely sure I believe this at all given the source, the Jordan Times. Like anything they would ever print would have any basis in reality. They printed a story on September 13th, 2001, saying that 911 was an inside job by the Jooooos. The story was originally printed in an Egyptian newspaper. Muslim-world media, just like their 'educational' systems, are nothing but massive disinformation/miseducation campaigns.

Gary Fouse said...

Al-Qaida has released a video in which a senior commander issues threats believed to be principally directed toward Denmark over the Danish cartoons issue.

In the video, the speaker, Mustafa Abu-al Yazid, who was rumored to have been killed in an air strike in July, says the following:

"We have warned previously - and we warn once more - the crusader states which insult, mock and defame our Prophet and Quran in their media and occupy our lands, steal our treasure and kill our brothers that we will exact revenge at the appropriate time and place,"

This should serve as a reminder to those of us in the West that we must stand with the Danes. It would seem to me that the US, NATO and the EU should make an unequivocal public statement that our countries will never stop freedom of expression, that we will never succumb to threats, and we specifically stand with the people of Denmark against the threats of a bunch of 7th century barbarians who want to impose their religion on the rest of the world.

Now everybody hold your breath......

Unfortunately, it is up to a handful of people (like us) to speak up against the hate, the terror and the intimidation. Very few of our leaders will do it. The media won't do it. Hollywood won't do it. Our universities act like prostitutes in the face of radical Muslim Student Unions. Hopefully, if enough of our citizens get fed up with this Islamic intimidation, they will demand that our leaders get some backbone.

Europe is, whether they want to face it or not, at a crossroads in its history. If they continue to submit to Islamic radicals, they will find themselves a majority Islamic society in a couple of generations if demographic trends continue. So proud of their secularism now, they will not be secular if that day arrives.

If it can happen in Europe, America could follow within a few decades.

But back to the immediate issue in this posting. We must stand with those Danes and other Europeans who are speaking out against Islamic radicalism-under threat of death in their own countries and sometimes under threat of prosecution by cowardly authorities, eager to stay on the "good side" of Muslims.

Who came up with the idea that submitting to Islamic radicals was a sign of respect towards decent, peaceful Muslims?

This latest threat should spur us all to re-commit ourselves to stand up for the Danes and against those that threaten them.

Buy Danish!

gary fouse
Irvine, Calif (USA)

wendy mann said...

surely der sturmer has taught everyone the danger of political cartoons linked with an environment that seeks to irrationally demonise a people and their faith?

Daphne said...

Somebody should do something about these disgusting racists. The cartoons below are despicable. I'm surprised that any country in the world tolerates such incitement to racial hatred and demonisation of a people & their faith. They could have come straigth from Der Sturmer.

Joachim Martillo said...

In Making the US Islamophobia Central,I discuss the attempt of the ADL, a Jewish hate group, to depict perfectly legitimate political cartons as anti-Semitic.

Anonymous said...

The ADL is a Christian organization which works to protect the rights of Christians. They have nothing against Jews, since no Jew has ever persecuted a Christian. WHy would they? They protect Christians from Muslims and godless Leftists, the only people who produce anti-Christian hate speech in unacceptable environments, like on university campuses, and they stand up for people like me who get stalked and harassed by Muslims.

Run along now, little Muslim troll. You might call yourself a Jew, but Jews would never, ever claim someone like you as one of their own. Also, Ashkenazis have German names. Your false identity would have been more convincing had you gone with Sephardic, but you obviously know nothing about Judaism and were educated in a madrassa.

Esther said...


The ADL is a Jewish organization - the Anti Defamation League - whose goal is to protect Jews from antisemitism.

You assume that Jews cannot by definition be Judeophobic, but I think that's a wrong assumption. There are Jews out there who are willing to give their enemies the knife with which to kill them. I'll remind you of the fanatic religious Jews who went to Iran in order to show allegiance to Ahmadinejad.

mike westman said...

Again another attempt to stifle free speech and expression by what we call in the states a 'slapp' suit. It is intimidation in a pure sense. We live here with people that we do not like, books and newspapers we do not like and other media that expresses a total domination and resultant domination of another class or religion....yet we let it be and do not let it show us as a timid society where any group can steam roll another. The muslim attempt at silencing its critics and lampooners is shameful and arrogant. If they tried to do that in the states we would laugh them out of town. We are far from perfect but on this one the Europeans better get their act together.

Joachim Martillo said...

I know Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta, and he has a valid issue with Holocaust scholarship as I point out in Holoexaleipsis, Holocaust, Holosphage and Holodomor.

Joachim Martillo said...

When Muslims use "lawfare" to combat racist anti-Muslim incitement, they are following a model that the organized Jewish community developed in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The tactic is perfectly legitimate, for free speech does not include the sort of racist incitement in which Jewish Zionists are engaging because "it's good for the Jews."

Zionists follow a very twisted form of ethics based in ethnic fundamentalism that evaluates right and wrong on the basis of benefit to the "Jewish People." As a consequence Zionists have no compunction in attempting to create Islamophobic feelings throughout the West on the model of traditional late 19th early 20th century anti-Semitism as I point out in The AJC Attacks.

Because far too many Jews with too much money and too much free time are engaging in such completely immoral and dangerous activities as a result of Zionist indoctrination, abolishing the Zionist state and dismantling the Zionist web of control is a categorical imperative.

Daphne said...

Any religion that resorts to politics in order to advance its aims is not a religion and is abusing its status.
Once a religion abandons moral values and employs political means it becomes a political party and as such should be judged on the criteria of politics. A religion that claims the end justifies the means through lying, racism & religious abuse is a neo-nazi party and should have pariah status.
Both the bible and the Koran should be subject to the laws of politics. There is no reason why a religion should be above the law.
I would be quite happy to see the Bible and the Koran expurgated of all racial & religious hatred. Unfortunately this would mean the Koran being reduced to the size of a postage stamp. But I regard that as a small price for ridding the world of hatred.