Denmark: Expel Islam from Europe

The controversial Danish People's Party member of the European Parliament Mogens Camre spoke at the DPP's annual meeting Sunday, calling to expel Islam from Europe.

"Islam cannot be integrated.  Islam will dominate Europe.  And Islam is incompatible with our values.  Therefore Islam will be thrown out of Europe.  This little land is ours, we forged it ourselves.  And we will govern it ourselves and decide ourselves who will live in it and how they will behave.  And we will fight until Denmark is again free," said Camre, to loud applause.

Last year a similar statement by DPP member Merethe Egeberg Holm caused a commotion, when she said "Out with all Muslims in Europe and in with Jews instead!"  That was her last speech as after last year's meeting, she was expelled from the party.

Camre met with harsh criticism for his statement.  Kamal Qureshi (Socialist People's Party) compared the DPP politicians to Danish Nazi head Jonni Hansen.  He also hit out at his colleagues in parliament, whom he thinks are keeping too quiet.  Both the reigning party and the opposition should distance themselves from the statements.

Sources: Berlingske, TV2 (Danish)

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Snake Oil Baron said...

A combined outreach by Christians and secularists to support and encourage apostasy and efforts to expose the behavior of those who violate laws and social norms of Danish society would be faster and more productive. While this is happening naturally it could be greatly accelerated if the idea that competing against a religion (actually an ideology) is somehow *wrong* could be gotten past. They are competing against Christianity and secularism and while they are loosing numbers every time they gain commitment from the true believers, they have no shame in their open competition. Why do we?

Anonymous said...

No. This is how you win elections. People who claim to not support them will put their money where their mouth isn't on election day, kind of like the Bradley effect and Obama. You have to shave a good 5-10% off his numbers in every poll to get close to accurate because union people call posing as pollsters so anyone who works for a union says they'll vote for Obama.

This is a platform that works. Tancredo is trying to pass the Anti-Sharia Act which would have immigrants who support Sharia deported, keep those who support it out, and citizens who support it would likely be shipped off to Guantanamo. Just think, if it passes and the Muslim Brotherhood is indicted in the HLF retrial, everyone associated with them is on a short bus back to Satan's *sshole. Beautiful stuff.