Islam in Europe Weekly Review


* Local politicians in Odense have decided to ban fasting in schools.  Schools in Denmark see increased religious pressure on kids to conform with the Muslim fasting requirements during Ramadan.

* In France a Muslim charity opened a soup kitchen for those breaking the fast.  Muslims are apparently not the only ones fasting.


* The seventh anniversary of 9/11 was occasion for European terrorism experts to consider the threat to Europe.  The French Minister of the Interior was also interviewed, giving a breakdown of the situation in France.  Fifty five suspected terrorists were arrested in France in 2008, five more were arrested this week.

* A study by a British researchers (in India) claims that faith schools help foster terrorists.

* A forum discussion on a jihadi website discusses how to poison Danish and British water supplies.   


* Dutch education minister proposes ban on burkas in schools.

* A new Muslim organization in Scotland wants to get involved in civil life.

* A study of Muslims in Brussels and Detroit asks for more tolerance for Belgian Muslims.

* European food producers are making halal food for the global market and even small businesses are getting their production lines halal compliant.

* A Turkish charity stands trial for fraud in Frankfurt.

* Computer game urging massacre of Muslims is condemned.

* Ten thousand converts joined the Spanish Muslim community in the past five years.


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