Aarhus: Driver kicks niqab wearing woman off bus

Aarhus: Driver kicks niqab wearing woman off bus

A woman wearing a Muslim veil was kicked off a bus Monday, after she got on an Arriva bus with her husband and children in Aarhus (Denmark), reports Århus Stiftstidende.

The driver said he doesn't drive women with a veil since he doesn't drive masked passengers and refused to continue unless the woman got off.

The woman and her family are originally from Algeria.  She wears a veil and niqab, which covers her face.

The other passengers were upset about the driver's actions and one of them called Arriva and spoke with the head of the company.  The boss said that the driver should continue driving the bus, which had stood at the stop for 10-15 minutes, with the woman onboard.  The driver finally followed orders and drove the woman and her family.

Arriva are not proud of the story.  Spokesperson Martin Wex says that this was clearly an error of the driver, and moreover, conflicts with the law.  People can naturally wear whatever they want when they board the company buses.

Wex says that the the company had a very serious talk with the driver, who was told that his actions are unacceptable.

Source: DR (Danish)

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