Netherlands: School trip to learn about Moroccans in Morocco

Netherlands: School trip to learn about Moroccans in Morocco

Broekland College from Hoensbroek (Limburg, Netherlands) went Thursday afternoon on a ten-day trip to Morocco with 22 students and seven teachers.  In order to "do something about the often negative stigma that immigrants get in the Netherlands.  The PVV is incensed.

A reporter for De Limburger, who's also joining the trip, named as a negative stigma "Wilders with his Fitna, the prejudices that ethnic Dutch have in reference to 'those foreigners'".

Education spokesperson for the Party for Freedom (PVV) Martin Bosma has meanwhile presented written questions.  "What is tax money going to promotion for Islam and to set VMBO students against Geert Wilders?"

De Limbuger will publish the meetings, movies and photos of the students and the journalist about the round trip in the paper and on the Internet.

The students must fill in an assignment book in Morocco about issues such as oasis agriculture, economy, environment and education.

History teacher and Morocco-trip-coordinator Erik Molnar writes on the site that it's "important that youth experience on their own that there also positive sides to the overwhelmingly negative image those youth have of Moroccan Dutch".

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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