Södertälje: Muslims attacked by Assyrians

Södertälje: Muslims attacked by Assyrians

Tundra Tabloids reports on the situation in Södertälje, Sweden.  The town has a very high percentage of Christian Assyrians refugees (~30%), and in recent years got a big influx of Iraqi refugees.  As Tundra Tabloids notes, this is not really a case of racism, it's a case of an imported conflict.  Needless to say, Sweden's government had already decided in the past that incitement based on an imported conflict is legal.


They've been hounded and harassed since they are Muslims.  LT meets the family one evening in their home in Hovsjö – a neighborhood they associate with racism and hate.

Fathima and Ali live with their three children in Hovsjö. Outside the locked apartment door was waiting a reality that the family could never imagine themselves in 2006, when they moved to Hovsjö from Skåne. They moved there due to Fathima getting a job in the south of Stockholm, but no vacant flats were to be found other than in the Södertälje district of Hovsjö.

We have lived in a small town in Skåne and in other parts of Sweden, but never have we encountered such racism as this. Swedes and other groups have never been a problem, but the screams of Syrian "Muslim bastards" and "fucking Muhammed and bin Laden" after us, "says Ali, who gave up. Now the family wants to move and are looking for housing in northern Stockholm.

Already several other Muslim families left Södertälje and a Muslim they know recently had a tear-gas canister thrown at his porch.  

Behind the attacks are children and young people of the Assyrians / Syrians who immigrated a couple of decades ago.

"We attempt to explain to the people here that most Muslims aren't fundamentalists, but that doesn't work.  When we go shopping there can be adult Syrians there who say: 'You cause problems everywhere'.  When we're at parent meetings in school, the Syrian families sit away from us.

Fathime was on her way home through Hovsjö when a dozen youth aged 14-15 saw here and attacked with eggs and screams "Damned Muhammad".  At a later incident the same gang beset both Ali and Fathime, shouting "Muslim-bastards" and pointing with a laser sight at them - similar to that used by the "Laser Man" when he shot immigrants in the 90s (see Wikipedia).

"I told them to stop, but couldn't do anything because there were eleven," says Ali, who has now gathered several Muslim families to go together to the police.

The politicians of Södertälje condemn the racism against the Muslims in Hovsjö.

"We've strongly condemned it," says Besim Aho (s).

The situation in Hovsjö is something several Södertälje politicians have condemned.  They think that people shouldn't be treated such, regardless of where they come from or what they believe in.
"Such things exist all over the world and we must stop it.  We must create and protect a society that will be a people's home (the welfare state) for everybody, regardless of sex, religion and sexuality," says Besim Aho (s).

He gets support from Moderate Metin Ataseven.

"This is one gang that doesn't know what they should do with their time and that therefore spend it destroying for others.  I know know who they are or how old they are, but it must end.  All types of harassments are wrong, regardless who is subjected to it," he says.

(The names are made up)


Source: LT (Swedish), Tundra Tabloids

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