Rome: Savage attack leaves Pakistani in coma

Rome: Savage attack leaves Pakistani in coma

Tasnim Aslam, the Pakistani ambassador to Italy, says this attack should alarm Italian society.


A witness of a savage attack in Rome against a Pakistani man was due to testify on Monday as police seek to identify the attackers, who fled the scene. Five Italian youths in their 20s are said to have severely beaten a Pakistani man last Monday in what investigators say was a racially-motivated attack. However, the news only surfaced on Saturday.

Mohammad Basharat, 35, the owner of a small convenience store is said to be in a coma at Rome's Policlinico Casilino after the group of young men began to savagely beat him, while his car was stopped at a red light in Rome's deprived Tor Bella Monaca district.

Reports say Basharat's friend, Naziq Mehmood Muheed, managed to keep his door locked after a young man with shaved head tried to open it. Muheed told Basharat to be calm. However, four other men arrived at the scene and tried to open his door.

Basharat then got out of his van and asked the young man what they wanted. He was then brutally punched, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

Basharat fainted but regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital. After staying in the hospital overnight, his condition worsened and suffered a severe brain haemorrhage, probably due to the beating he received.

Basharat's 38 year-old Sri Lankan partner Chandy Karunasekera , who was three months pregnant, miscarried on hearing the bad news about her husband.

"We were about to get married. Now what do I do? I am alone and I am afraid," Karunasekera told Italian daily Il Messaggero.

"My husband did not have enemies, he did not have problems with anyone."


Source: AKI (English)

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