Denmark: Increase in number of employed immigrant youth

Denmark: Increase in number of employed immigrant youth

The number of young immigrants who worked doubled since 1995.

In 1995, 34% of immigrants under 40 worked.  In 2008 this was 62%, reports, the newsletter of the Danish National Labor Market Authority.

The older immigrants also find it easier to get work.  12% more in the age group of 55-59 got work in the past 13 years, the numbers show.

A crucial explanation for the increase in employment is education, says Torben Tranæs, research head at Rockwool Fonden's research unit.

Tranæs says that young immigrants get an education more than their older countrymen. It's not because the youth generally give up education in favor of an immediate job.  They have more of both education and work.

According to him it's particularly girls who get more of an education and pull away from the boys.

Tranæs says it's worrying since it shows that only immigrant girls think of the long term and ensure they get an education in time.

Source: DR (Danish)

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