Italy: Two deported for planning to blow up dam

Italy: Two deported for planning to blow up dam

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Moroccan Mohamed Essadeck, from Gaiarine (Treviso), and Tunisian Miri Sghaier, from Manzano (Udine), were deported this week by Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni for being a danger to national security.  The Italian security services intercepted calls between the two and others in North Africa where they planned to blow up the dam in Tramonti in Friuli.  Additionally Essadeck spoke of recruiting for al-Qaeda.

The two expected that blowing up the dam would cause a disaster similar to the flooding during the Vajont Dam disaster of 1963.  Close to 2000 villagers were killed then.  The expected flood would have swept the villages of Meduno, Sequals, and Spilimbergo.

The two had been followed around the clock and it was determined that they had moved beyond statement of intent and into deeds. However, no proof was found of reconnaissance missions or other concrete actions and so the investigation was closed.

Source: La Tribuna di Treviso (Italian) h/t Politically Incorrect

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