Norway: 'Muslims won't be a majority in Europe'

Norway: 'Muslims won't be a majority in Europe'

Mullah Krekar on Islam in Europe:

"Siv Jensen has Islamophobia when she says that there's sneak Islamization in Norway. I don't think Islam can be introduced into Norway, or in any other Western country. Islam is not just a theory, it's also a political and economical system, a culture, a set of morals. The view of women is just one part of this," says Krekar to Dagbladet's Magasinet.

At the same time Krekar expresses understanding for Jensen.

"I understand her concern. Islam is like a drop of water against a stone. Slowly but surely the drop creates a big hole in the stone," says the mullah.

He sees no reason to argue for Norway becoming a Muslim country.

"It's not realistic. Many Westerners become afraid when they see that Muslim women have many more children than themselves. But Muslims will never be a majority. We'll be kicked out of Europe long before that time," says Krekar, and thinks Muslims today are persecuted in the same way the Jews were persecuted in Europe between the World Wars.

Krekar spoke in the interview about the role of women in Norwegian society, compared with Muslim countries.

"Muslim women have the same rights as men, but they have fewer obligations. The man should support the woman, she doesn't need to work if she doesn't want to. But in Norway it's good that Muslim women get an education and a job. The system functions such that they need to. My oldest daughter is learning, for example, to be a pharmacologist. But if she would have lived in a Muslim country, she wouldn't have needed to work," says Krekar.

Krekar doesn't have a work permit in Norway. He's been deported from the country, but since he'll probably be executed if he goes back to Iraq, the Norwegian authorities let him stay in Norway.

In the meantime he's supported by his own wife. She works in a kindergarten in Tøyen in Oslo. He won't answer how they experience that she must work while he stays home. Krekar has followed the hijab debate. He says that Muslim women should choose whether they will wear the hijab.

"Many in the West think that Muslim men force the women to wear a hijab. They think that women don't get to marry the men they want. But I have no power over my wife. I can't force her to wear a hijab. It's an issue between her and Allah," says Mullah Krekar.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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