launches a German Muslim Folder launches a German Muslim Folder's European Muslims Page has launched a new folder focusing on issues that affects the German Muslim community, and aiming to examine the their ability to integrate and contribute to the building of their country.


German Muslims kept a low profile for more than forty years but the last ten years witnessed a leap in their performance towards their society as a contributing force in public debates and actions in Germany. The German Muslim community, estimated at 3.5 million, is one of the largest Muslim populations in Western Europe after France.


"German Muslims have a unique perspective in addressing issues of identity, integration and citizenship," said Dalia Yusuf, Managing Editor of the European Muslims Page. Along with British and French Muslims, the German Muslim community creates a remarkable experience as one of the largest Muslim populations in Western Europe after France. Yusuf highlighted the importance of shedding more light upon such an experience.



German Muslim youth forms the main target audience of the new folder, which aims to reach out to them and analyze their main concerns in an in depth fashion. The folder is looking forward to discussing their points of view, and presenting the state of the young Muslim generations.



Since "Turkish Germans" make up the majority of the German Muslims, the folder sheds light upon them too. Turks reached Germany during the 1960s and 1970s as guest-workers, at a time when Germany suffered from a shortage in the numbers of workers after the World War II. As time went by, instead of returning to Turkey the Turks brought over their families and spouses to settle down with them in Germany.


The different generational, ideological, ethnic and sectarian backgrounds are considered in the "Muslim & German" section.


The "State & Society" section tackles the model of integration of the German state, its immigration laws and its policies to achieve social cohesion. It also tackles mainstream attitudes towards Islam and Muslims in the realms of media, employment, and education.


Anti-Islam and Islamophobic manifestations and their influence in flourishing extremism are discussed in the "Islamophobia vs. Extremism" section.

The different Muslim lifestyles, in relation to the larger German context, are presented in the "Life Style" section including hijab, halal foods, and entertainment.

"German Muslims" folder shows how Muslims continue to try to integrate despite the challenges that face them.



The folder also aims to be a portal for a Muslim –videos' platform via the "watch and listen" section. The section involves some videos on various topics related to German Muslims, and purposes to serve as a platform of the interactive styles of coverage.



The special folder "German Muslims: In Focus" introduces through the various sections the different attempts among German Muslims to re-evaluate their positions, including the issue of representing Islam and Muslims.


The European Muslims Page works as a main source of information, opinion, and analysis about the different issues that face European Muslim communities. The page considers itself a platform for those communities' discussions and concerns, reflecting their opportunities and challenges.

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