Rosengård: Mosque organizes evening walks to stop arson

Rosengård: Mosque organizes evening walks to stop arson

The arson in Rosengård, previously reported here, continued throughout the week.  As reported here and here, police and politicians think the fires are retaliation for several gang-arrests.


The Islamic Cultural Association wants to have dialog with the youth responsible for the recent vandalism in Rosengård.

During today's Friday prayer, the adults were invited to be out in Rosengård in the evenings and to talk with the youth.

"We will show that we think this is unacceptable.  For us Muslims it's just as haram to destroy and set fire to things as it is to drink alcohol and eat pork," says Ammar Daoud of the Islamic Cultural Association.

About 25 adults said they were interested in participating in the evening walk.
"We want Rosengård to be a neighborhood that is safe for everybody and therefore we're coming to be visible in the neighborhood in the evenings until it stabilizes," says Ammar Daoud.

Source: Sydsvenskan (Swedish)

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