Denmark: Muslims satisfied with Denmark

Denmark: Muslims satisfied with Denmark
90% of second generation immigrants of Muslim background think that they have better lives in Denmark than they could have had in their parent's original homeland.
The parent's generation, who immigrated to Denmark, are almost as positive about their new homeland.  80% think they have a better life in return.
This according to a study conducted by Statistics Denmark for the liberal think tank Cepos, reports Danish newspaper Politiken today.
Satisfaction is also high compared with the rest of Europe.  Only Muslims in Spain are on that level.
"There have been incredibly many studies prepared of immigrants, but in the past people asked if they feel discriminated or have problems.  This is the first time that it was asked how they feel being here.  And it surprised us, that immigrants were just as satisfied as Danes," says Geert Laier Christensen, head researcher at Cepos, to Politiken.
The idealization of the 'past's lost land' is obviously not something immigrants and their descendants have particularly done in Denmark.  About 75% of immigrants and their descendants are satisfied with the situation of society.
Essential for the assessment is the possibility of getting a job and being able to manage economically.  Over 3/4 of the interviewees think that their economic situation is better in Denmark than it would have been in their homeland.
Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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