Utrecht: Municipality subsidizes segregated events

Utrecht: Municipality subsidizes segregated events

The municipality of Utrecht spent massively on subsidies last year for 'the new apartheid between men and women', concludes VVD (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) parliament member De Krom.

He is stunned by the thousand of euros of subsidies which went to segregated Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian and Somali meetings for men and women.  The gifts came from the quality of life budget, for which Utrecht assigned 10 million euro in 2008.

De Krom: Equality between men and women is an achievement of our society.  But now the municipality of Utrecht all of a sudden legitimizes the separation of the sexes.  So you give in to pressure from some immigrant groups to separate people.  This stems integration."

The extremely generous quality of life budget, which was doubled in 2008, approved 95% of all subsidy requests for street, neighborhood and barbecue parties.  The funds were established by the local board of the Labor Party, GreenLeft, ChristianUnion and Christian Democratic Appeal parties.

The liberal parliament member grumbles that this is the buying off package of the Utrecht coalition and that a local authority shouldn't be paying 20,000 euro for a Ramadan party.  He thinks this needs to be cleaned up.

De Krom is also upset at 76,000 euro given for a panna-football tournament of Youth for Christ, to impart 'respect and cooperation'.  Panna-football involves kicking the ball through the opponent's legs.

De Krom had recently complained about the sex-segregated municipal counters Utrecht opened in a mosque.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch), h/t NRP

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