European signatories on 'Jihadi' Istanbul Declaration

European signatories on 'Jihadi' Istanbul Declaration

Following my article about British and Danish Muslim leaders who signed a 'Call for Jihad' I did a bit of searching and found the original declaration, together with the list of signatories (in Arabic). 

I include here the names in the original, since I don't know if I got the transliteration right.

Muslims from Western Europe include:
1. Daud Abdullah - داود عبدالله - UK
2. Jahan Abdul Gayoom - شاه جهان عبدالقيوم - UK
3. Latif Al-Saeedi - لطيف السعيدي - UK
4. Prof. Mohammed al-Ani - محمد العاني - UK

5. Khalil Assi - خليل عاصي - Denmark
6. Faris Mohamed - فارس محم  - Denmark
7. Mohammad Al-Khalid (Abu Bashar) - محمد الخالد - Denmark

8. Dr. Shaukat Kracji - شوكت كراشجي - Kosovo
9. Youssef Mohammed Albrahimi - يوسف محمد البراهيمي - Sweden

Two Muslims residing in Britain - Mohammad Sawalha and Rashid al-Ghannoushi, are listed for Palestine and Tunisia respectively. 

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