Copenhagen: Victim’s funeral procession in Nørrebro

Copenhagen: Victim's funeral procession in Nørrebro

After the planned funeral procession/demonstration Mustafa Shakir Hsownay would be flown to his native Iraq, where he will be buried Sunday.


The Copenhagen police has given the go-ahead for a funeral procession in Nørrebro as part of a demonstration against an ongoing gang war in the district.

The family of Mustafa Shakir Hsownay, who was an innocent victim of a shooting in the Mjølnerparken Estate in Nørrebro on February 27, has been given permission to hold a funeral procession through Nørrebrogade on Saturday.

Mustafa Shakir Hsownay's coffin will be carried a 3.5 km stretch from Nørrebro Station to Nørreport.

"The demonstration has been registered, and since there's nothing in the rules that says that you cannot carry a coffin during a demonstration, they have permission," Jørgen Thomsen of the Permissions and Licensing Department of the Copenhagen Police tells

The family says that the procession is in protest against an ongoing gang war in the capital, according to


Sources: Politiken (English), BT (Danish)

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