UK: Foreign Office reaches out to Hizbullah

UK: Foreign Office reaches out to Hizbullah

Geert Wilders, a parliament member of a fellow EU country, is banned from Britain because he might cause unrest.  So why go out of your way to invite a member of an openly Islamist, anti-democratic, anti-Western, antisemitic party?


A Hezbollah member of Lebanon's Parliament will hold a rare meeting with British parliamentarians in London this week, the militant group announced Saturday.

The visit follows an announcement by Britain's Foreign Office last month that it has contacted Hezbollah's political wing in an attempt to reach out to its legislators. It said its ultimate aim is to encourage the militant group to abandon violence and play a constructive political role in the deeply divided country.

A Hezbollah statement issued Saturday says Hussein Hajj Hassan was invited by a number of British legislators to take part in a political meeting of parliamentarians to discuss "regional issues." It said he would be traveling to London on Sunday.

Britain's Foreign Office confirmed he has been granted a restricted validity, singly entry visa for the purpose of the visit.

A spokeswoman, speaking anonymously in line with government policy, said the decision "is consistent with the government's policy of exploring contacts with members of Hezbollah's political wing."


Source: IHT (English)

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