Somalia: Discussions of Swedish-Somali terrorism

Swedish journalist Per Gudmundson posted has an interesting exchange on his blog, copied from the comments on a Somali news site.  The comments are in English, Somali and Swedish and discuss the connection between Yassin Ali of Hizbul Islaam and Fuad Mohamed Khalaf (AKA Shongole) of al-Shabab, both Swedish Somalis now fighting Jihad in Somalia.

The writer is apparently surprised about Swedish prosecutor Ronnie Jacobsson's comments that he couldn't prosecute the Somalis while they were in Sweden and warns that he should be fighting the terrorists in Sweden.

The translation for the Swedish part:

What are you talking about, Jacobsson???   How much more evidence against the suspect do you need?   He is a member of a criminal organization, he has proven more than 90% that he collected illegal money from people who live on welfare. , he's the closest friend and spends time iwth other known terrorists from Sweden, who are also well-known to the police.

His relationship to the al-Shabab terrror group is not a secret since his closest friend is Fuad Shongole who's a senior leader for al-Shabab.  Whic proves that al-Haraam and Hizbul Kalaab is one and the same grou with two different names.  They proved their relationship by sending help to al-Haram last week to G/Guduud province and fighting side by sie.

Mr. Jacobsson, you've made a serious mistake once by freeing terrorism suspects and I see that you are now making the same mistake again but refusing to prosecute a terror suspect.  I know that he has a more organized underworld 's in Sweden today and I know that you also know those I'm talking about.  Don't free those groups to travel to Somalia and commit terrorism.


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