Netherlands: Ramadan unmasked

Netherlands: Ramadan unmasked

Dutch magazine Gay Krant claims they prove in their next issue that Tariq Ramadan incites his followers against gays.


Tariq Ramadan, guest professor of Citizenship and Identity at Erasmus University and adviser for the Rotterdam municipality, preaches two messages.

In his books for Westerners, Ramadan preaches respect for gays.  But when he talks to his Islamic supporters, gays and women must pay for it.

Gay Krant is publishing the statements that Ramadan made about gays, but which weren't really meant for Western ears.

The core of Tariq Ramadan's argument is that there's just one Islam whose principles apply without change for all societies and in all times.  This radical statement is at odds with the way in which he presents himself openly in the West - recently in the TV program Wintergasten of van Joris Luyendijk. Ramadan called then for respect for people who think or act differently.  He refused to admit that he also has another point of view.  Gay Krant shows on the basis of verbal statements by Ramadan that that his messages to Western admirers is completely different than to Muslims.

In cassettes taped for Muslim Tariq Ramadan frankly says that 'homosexual behavior is a sign of a disease, a disorder and imbalance'.  Many of his statements are noted down in the book 'Frère Tariq' by Caroline Fourest.  Ramadan  puts down Fourest as a feminist lesbian who shouldn't be taken seriously.  All his statements are however found on tapes meant for the professor's Islamic supporters.

Gay Krant listened to these tapes, listed down Ramadan's words, and spoke with former politician Frits Bolkestein and author Caroline Fourest.

The magazine will appear tomorrow and be available online for subscribers.

Source: Gay Krant (Dutch)

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