France: Families of Algerian imams threatened with expulsion

France: Families of Algerian imams threatened with expulsion

Several Imams serving through mosques across French towns, who were appointed by the Algerian authorities since 1989, have called on the President of Republic, and the Minister of Religious Affairs, to intervene to settle their situation, as their families living in France, are facing an expulsion threat by the French authorities.

In this regard, the Imam Mohamed Djaghloul, the Chairman of Algerian Imams in France, has revealed that there are as many as 30 Algerian Imams serving in France, they have been sent by the Algerian authorities between 1989, and 1991, in view of serving as Imams through several mosques. He further added that these Imams are threatened of expulsion as a decision has been taken by the Ministry last Dec, 31st, 2005, to end their mission in France.

Meanwhile, the same speaker added that an agreement has been reached with the mosque of Paris, and the Algerian authorities, stipulating that the mosque of Paris will take charge of paying the Imams wages, which have been considered low. The Imams have been allotted permissions to serve in France, several times. But now the French authorities are threatening to expel the Imams families from France, creating a state of instability between them.

Source: El Khabar (English)

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