Berlin: Mosque for extremist organization approved

Berlin: Mosque for extremist organization approved

The administrative court of Berlin said that the "Imam Reza" Islamic culture center with a mosque in Reuterkiez in Neukölln (Berlin) is legal. It obligated the Neukölln district to award a building permit.  The proceeding were to examine if the project would disturb the peace in the residential area.  It got to the conclusion that the mosque won't disturb the peace since it would only open in the late morning.

The judge only examined the building project and not the association behind it.  CDU parliament candidate Stefanie Vogelsang is upset about the decision.  The "Imam Reza" association praised the September 11 attacks and had made antisemitic statements.  Vogelsang says it's a scandal that the municipality abandoned this issue.  The association now has building rights.  She says it's inappropriate to distinguish between freedom of religion and fighting terrorism.     

District mayor Heinz Buschkowsky (SPD) also criticized the ruling, but said that the ruling should be followed.  Buschkowsky said this is unfortunate since Imam Reza clearly advocates a theocratic state and that this does not promote integration in Central Europe.

Source: BZ Berlin 1, 2 (German), h/t Politically Incorrect

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