Strasbourg: Muslims demand bigger mosque

Strasbourg: Muslims demand bigger mosque

GaliaWatch reports:

The Ciel Association, that manages the Elsau mosque in Strasbourg, has been in conflict with city officials over their failure to construct a larger structure for the neighborhood Muslim population. Recently their anger and impatience resulted in outdoor prayers and a show of force at the municipal administration building.

This article, from a local paper, was scanned and put online by Bivouac-Id. It provides this background information:

The (Ciel) Association has been managing a place of worship on rue Mathias-Grunewald since 1989 - a basement that was flooded last May. The congregation refused to pray in the gymnasium of the Hans-Arp middle school and set up a tent on the sidewalk as an alternative solution. This tent was destroyed by a windstorm in early February. Ever since, the prayer meeting takes place in the street. In addition, Ciel has created a separate group - the Elsau Mosque Association - to oversee the building of a new neighborhood mosque.

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