Belgium: Vlaams Belang anti-mosque protest

Belgium: Vlaams Belang anti-mosque protest

About 250 protesters participated today in the Vlaams Belang anti-mosque protest in Sint-Janswijk (Kortrijk).  The party is protesting against the recognition of the Attakwa mosque in this neighborhood.  After a very boisterous protest march, it is now calm.  One person was arrested after trying to throw a jar of white paint on VB leader Filip Dewinter.  The politician was not hurt.

Filip Dewinter introduced his new book "Inshallah" - a plea against the Islamization of Flanders - in Kortrijk yesterday.  A hundred youth, mostly immigrant, waited for the protesters on the Sint-Jansplein, about 200 meters from the place where the protest started.

There were repeated calls and things thrown back and forth.  The security services kept the two parties separated with difficulty.  After the VB meeting, the VB supporters were led back to their vehicles under escort.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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