Flanders: More divorces among Moroccans

Flanders: More divorces among Moroccans

20% of men of Moroccan origin in Flanders are divorced 10 years after their marriage.  Among Moroccan women that's 17%.  The number of divorces among couples of Turkish origin are much lower, 12% for men and 7% for women, according to data from Steunpunt Gelijke Kansenbeleid (Center for Equal Opportunities Policy at Antwerp University).

According to researcher Suzana Koelet, the number of divorces in Belgium reflect divorces in Morocco and Turkey.  Though the topic is somewhat better accepted in Morocco, the issue is often still a taboo among immigrants.  

Among Flemish men and women, 12% are divorced ten years after their marriage.  11% of ethnic Flemish have divorced parents, compared to 5% among Turkish children and 4% among Moroccans. 

Steunpunt Gelijke Kansenbeleid performed the study for Kathleen Van Bremp (SP-A), Flemish Minister of Equal Opportunities.  The study looked at divorces among Moroccan and Turkish couples in Flanders between 1994 and 2004.

Koelet says that the groups with the highest divorce rates are Moroccan man from Morocco and second generation Moroccan women.  "Often those groups are each other's partner.  Immigration marriages therefore have the greatest chance of resulting in a divorce."

Minister Van Brempt wants to continue to invest in family support.

Sources: HLN, De Redactie (Dutch)

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