Germany/Belgium: Investigation into suspect terror cell

Germany/Belgium: Investigation into suspect terror cell

Anti-terror investigations are not rare in Europe, and I've long ago stopped reporting about every single arrest.  However, in this case, it seems like a wide-spread international investigation, and yet I couldn't find any other mention of it.


Ahmad al-Khalifa, eloquent preacher and head of the mosque in the Munich neighborhood of Freimann appeared rather monosyllabic Tuesday.  Police and prosecutors arrived at his house and mosque and three other places in Munich and Garching at 6AM.

The investigation is focused on Ahmad al-Khalifa and six other defendants, including the chairman of the Islamic Congregations in Germany (IGD), Ibrahim el Zayat. [ed.: the organization is related to the Muslim Brotherhood].  They are suspected of having contacts with Islamic terrorism.

Special units of the police stormed in total 14 targets yesterday in Munich, Garching, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Belgium, including prayer rooms, mosques and numerous offices and homes.  A police spokesperson says that extensive evidence was seized.

The police did not give out names and addresses in the ongoing investigation.  Ahmad al-Khalifa confirmed to Abendzeitung that the investigators were also by him and searched both his mosque and home.  Ahmad von Dennffer, a Munich resident who was born in Aachen and converted to Islam, is also among the suspects.  A third Munich resident is active in the Islamic youth organizations.  None of the suspects were arrested yesterday.

The men are suspected also of diverting funds from failed mosque building projects to their organization and misusing it for Islamic purposes.  They are also suspected of obtaining school subsidies by fraud, forging bankruptcies and purchasing land through fraud.

Source: Abendzeitung (German), h/t Politically Incorrect

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